Anwar Sokong Forum Memeluk Islam

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One response to “Anwar Sokong Forum Memeluk Islam

  1. mia

    if i were a politician, i would see that it is a necessity to open anything for discussion, muslims in US is minority and they request for discussion so that others would understand them, here in malaysia we a the majority, so does it hurt or affect our faith if such kind of discussion is carried out? i’m a muslim, and i would like to see muslims able to convey the message of islam thru fair discussion… it’s a form of intellectual discussion and to build mutual undertanding of all religions… i have very strong faith in my religion, nothing can (with God’s help) deteriorate or change my faith by any means and ways…and i dont see any needs to be so narrow minded… a forum is a for of discussion… i support DSAI if he support this…

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