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Perbezaan Antara Bank Dunia dengan IMF

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank at a Glance
International Monetary Fund

  • oversees the international monetary system
  • promotes exchange stability and orderly exchange relations among its member countries
  • assists all members–both industrial and developing countries–that find themselves in temporary balance of payments difficulties by providing short- to medium-term credits
  • supplements the currency reserves of its members through the allocation of SDRs (special drawing rights); to date SDR 21.4 billion has been issued to member countries in proportion to their quotas
  • draws its financial resources principally from the quota subscriptions of its member countries
  • has at its disposal fully paid-in quotas now totaling SDR 145 billion (about $215 billion)
  • has a staff of 2,300 drawn from 182 member countries
World Bank

  • seeks to promote the economic development of the world’s poorer countries
  • assists developing countries through long-term financing of development projects and programs
  • provides to the poorest developing countries whose per capita GNP is less than $865 a year special financial assistance through the International Development Association (IDA)
  • encourages private enterprises in developing countries through its affiliate, the International Finance Corporation (IFC)
  • acquires most of its financial resources by borrowing on the international bond market
  • has an authorized capital of $184 billion, of which members pay in about 10 percent
  • has a staff of 7,000 drawn from 180 member countries

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