Two faced Anwar Ibrahim and the infamous Wall Street Journal article

Anwar’s latest skulduggery came in a few hours ago in his blog when he desperately trying to clear his name against his position on Israel.

The blog post is titled – ‘Jangan Putar belit Kenyataan Demi Fitnah’ (Don’t twist my statement just to slander me)

Saya diwawancara oleh Wall Street Journal pada hari Khamis, 26hb Januari 2011. Antara soalan yang ditanya kepada saya adalah berkaitan dasar luar negara dan isu Palestin. Saya tuntas menegaskan bahawa kemahuan dan hak rakyat Palestin mesti dibela dan itu merangkumi hak untuk mendirikan negara sendiri serta tidak terus dizalimi. Saya juga mengungkapkan bahawa jika syarat ini dipenuhi maka wajarlah hak rakyat Israel juga dihormati.

Translation: “I stressed that the needs and rights of the Palestinian people must be guarded and that includes the right to establish their own country and not to be further victimised.”

Anwar Ibrahim changed his opinion 180 degrees in a split second after he is being criticised for being a stooge for the Americans and for supporting Israel.

Let us be clear that this latest statement to clear his name means absolutely nothing simply because the statement in bold above was not in the original Wall Street Journal article. If it is not there, then he would have not said it at all in the first place.

In the WSJ article, nothing was said about guarding the needs of Palestinian people or their rights to established a Palestinian country. No such thing was mentioned.

What Anwar Ibrahim should have done is to get WSJ to run full transcript of his interview. Or at the very least (since he is in the mood of suing everyone these days), to sue WSJ for tarnishing his image among his Muslim supporters and slandering him to be Israel’s number one fan!

The fact is ladies and gentlemen, this latest statement which was made in Bahasa Malaysia, was made purely to allay the fears of the Muslim Malays here in Malaysia.

At the end of that statement, he even strengthened this deceit by giving a warning to those who tries to twist his earlier interview. But we all know, nobody is pushing him to voluntarily make that interview and nobody is twisting anything.

We can take his words from the WSJ story word by word without changing anything and the result is still the same. He sealed his own fate with his own actions.

His latest blog posting was just a cover up to assuage his supporters.

It seems that the astute analysis by The Economist back in July 2009 is true after all; that Anwar Ibrahim IS a chameleon.

Anwar will play by the gallery since that is his second nature. He will say one thing to an audience. And will say a complete opposite to another audience.

In Malaysia, his Pakatan Rakyat says that they will protect the Malay rights, but in WSJ he said he would speed up the removal of racial quotas for university places.

Wiggling his way to be the next PM

To the world he lambasted us by saying the elections in Malaysia is dirty and not free and fair. But he did not tell them that his PKR party just witnessed the dirtiest party elections ever conducted which resulted in an exodus a few strong supporters in the form of Zaid Ibrahim and Haris Ibrahim.

I reinforce my assertion from my previous article; that Anwar is not in the correct state of mind to lead this nation.

Maybe he should make another trip overseas to get further instructions from his masters before they can pat him on his derriere and return him here with fresh directives on what to do next.

And just like how he ended his attempt to cover up his motives and ulterior motives, I shall end this article with the same words albeit with a slight change.

“Justeru saya memberi amaran keras kepada Anwar Ibrahim jangan cuba menjadi talam dua muka dalam memutar belit kenyataan-kenyataan beliau sendiri hanya kerana untuk mendapatkan kuasa.”

Thank you.


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