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The Confusion Between Multi-Racial And Racist Country.

Since Malaysia is recognized by the world is a Multi-racial country. It is a deniable fact that everybody agreed upon. Multi-racial country is a country that recognized the existence of foreign races such as Chinese and Indian by giving them privileged and rights as described in that our Federal Constitution of Law.

Each of Malaysian citizens must proud this country context of nation and country is the richness and mixed culture, arts, customs and the way of thinking to name few. The strong foundation of multi- racial society is elements of tolerance empathy and understanding between each race that lives in one place as a Nation of Malaysia.

Move on this assimilation must be conducted and administered by the countries political influence and sharing of wealth in economic activity that would subsequently create harmony and prevent the income disparity among races.

Unique Society is derived for multi racial culture that lives together in harmony. Why unique society? This is derived from many cultures that stands together to portray a multi-racial community which will impress the whole world to look. A unique society that smiles will reflect the solidarity of a multi-racial Country like Malaysia and we will be an exemplary by other countries in world.

There are thousand and one benefit to this country and the citizen to be a part of Multi-racial country citizen. For the Malays it is no regret to accept the other races existence in the country. But the other races should clearly to understand that what are the privilege and rights for the Malays. It is unfair to the other races blame UMNO is a racist if they are only carrying out their duties as a care taker for the Malays privilege according to the Federal Constitution. UMNO is only doing the job for their races as MCA for Chinese and MIC for the Indians. If communities do their job with out-most solidarity and perception, tolerance and empathy there is no grudges between the races in our country.

For the youngsters in UMNO and MCA, GERAKAN, DAP if It’s an ill wind blows nobody any good. It is never too late to mend. REVEMBER! IT TAKES TWO MAKE A QUARREL : both persons in a quarrel should take the blame for the quarrel!.

by Mamak Penang.


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